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Why sell your valuable crypto and convert into cash?

Now pay anyone in INR using your favourite cryptocurrency with Cryp2Pay.

Cryp2Pay is India's First Crypto Payment app that help users send/receive crypto coins instantly. Pay in INR using mobile number/merchant QR code. Receive crypto payments using your QR code/ Mobile Number!

Simply scan QR code/ Mobile no. to Pay!

Get paid from anyone on Cryp2Pay using your mobile no./QR Code!

Super fast, super easy!

Free, unlimited transfers with exciting cashbacks!

No gas/ transaction fees.*

Top up your wallet and send crypto to your friends and family now!

*For transfers to anyone registered on Cryp2Pay

Ask your merchant for payment using Cryp2Pay!

What Cryp2Pay has to offer:

What can you do with Cryp2Pay?

  • Pay at any store in INR using crypto in your wallet in seconds!

  • Transfer money to your friends in INR using Crypto in your wallet.

  • Receive crypto payments from friends/customers on Cryp2Pay for free!

  • Simply scan QR code/enter mobile number to pay!

  • No crypto wallet address required to make INR transfers.

  • Store Crypto safely without converting into fiat to realize crypto growth.

  • Withdraw/send crypto to other wallets/exchanges.

  • Instant notifications on top ups and payments.

  • No gas fees/transaction fees for any merchant payments or to may registered users on Cryp2Pay!

Are you a business owner and want to enable crypto payments for your customers?

Download Cryp2Pay Merchant app on your Android device and receive INR payments from your customers using crypto!

Cryp2Pay Merchant App!

> Accept instant payments from your customers using crypto.

> No knowledge of crypto required. Accept payments only using your mobile number or QR code.

> Merchants can print QR code themselves and start accepting payments in minutes!

> Specially curated minimal app for ease of use and efficiency.

> No risk of crypto volatility. Exact invoiced amount in INR settled into your bank account with zero fees.

> All settlements processed within 24 hours with zero bank transfer/other fees.

> Offer payment in 8 crypto currencies to your customers. More cryptos added regularly.

> Safe transactions with both merchants and customers fully KYC verified using Aadhar and mobile number.

The complete Crypto Company

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Crypto DeFi

High yield strategies including but not limited to staking, yield farming, mining pools, liquid swaps, defi lending to maximize crypto asset yield and shareholder returns.

Why should you consider investing in cryptocurrencies?

Store of value due to limited supply defined by mathematical programs.

Better protection from currency devaluation due to inflation and money printing.

Huge growth potential. Current adoption rate faster than the rate of adoption of Internet in the 90's.

Popular cryptos are globally accepted for payments for goods and services.

Censorship resistant. You control your money.

Global transfers at will.

Risks involved with investing in cryptocurrencies

Highly volatile asset class due to its novelty.

Self custody means there is a potential for loss of funds if private keys are lost.

Risk of theft of funds in the event of private keys being stolen/hacked.

Losses due to investments in scam coins, fake ICO, speculative mania and irrational exuberance. h